What the inspector needs

On inspection day, you or your agent need to be on site with the consented plans and documentation. Be prepared to respond to any requests or questions from the inspector.

Access for inspectors

For building consent, inspectors are entitled (during normal working hours or while building work is underway) to inspect; land, any building on that land and the building work.

Note: Inspectors need safe access to perform the inspection required. For example, if scaffolding or edge protection is not present for a weather-tightness or roof inspection then the inspection may fail due to the inability to safely access and inspect the work.

Information and people that need to be on site

Have available for the inspector, full size council stamped copies of the consent, plans and specification. The inspector’s role is to ensure that the consent, plans and specifications are being complied with (that the building work has been completed in accordance with the plans/specifications). If the stamped documents are not present or the work differs from the consent then the inspection fails.

Ideally the practitioner who undertook the work (such as a licensed building practitioner or registered plumber or drainlayer) should be at the inspection. This is strongly advised as there may be discussions needed so the inspector can confirm compliance.