Inspection report and notices to fix

Inspection reports

Inspectors use electronic devices to record findings and will discuss these findings with the site representatives. Inspection reports are emailed out when the inspector returns to the office. Please check that we have the correct email addresses recorded in our system.

An inspection that confirms passed results for all items is approval to continue. On occasions some items will be recorded as Pass - Not Complete; to mark that item as needing confirmation at a later date, however the inspector will communicate that work may continue (and any conditions for the continuation of work).

When compliance cannot be confirmed the inspection fails. The inspector will communicate what is needed and ask for the inspection to be re-booked.

Notices to fix

If your building work does not comply with the building consent at time of inspection, you may be given a notice to fix.

An offence is committed if your project needs a building consent and the work is done without one, and when a notice to fix is not complied with. You could be issued with an infringement notice and substantial fine. In rare cases, if the building is not safe or sanitary and doesn’t have a suitable way to escape from fire, you may even have to remedy or remove the building.