Large residential developments in Upper Hutt

Regional Coordination

Brown Owl School Development

Consents granted by Upper Hutt City Council:

1810018 and 1810018LU - 43 lot subdivision, bulk earthworks on a HAIL site.

1810018V-variation to above consent to create 24 residential lots and one large balance lot.

1910167 and 1910167LU - 18 lot subdivision of the balance lot and Multi-Unit Development.

Monitoring and compliance:

Council officers currently visit the Brown Owl School development regularly. These inspections focus on ensuring the works carried out on site are undertaken in accordance with the relevant resource consents and approved management plans. The inspections enable officers to identify any non-compliance which they then seek to address.

Due to the nature and scale of the works associated with this development, unforeseen problems (and the effects associated with them) can sometimes arise and then cease very quickly. Ultimately, compliance with the requirements of the consent is the responsibility of the consent holder. UHCC are committed to investigating non-compliance and taking enforcement action where appropriate.

The types of complaints that might be received, include:

  • Silt and sediment control devices failure
  • Dust

Sites of this size can be expected to be problematic in terms of dust control, particularly where there has been major earthworks. Water carts are used on site but can cause other issues such as silt and sediment. Other options used on site are hydro-seeding and laying of gravel to suppress the dust. This is monitored daily by the contactors on site and mitigation options are available on an as-need basis.

  • Mud on the road

In winter months mud can travel from bulk earthworks sites. A rock rumble pad has been installed at the site entrance to remove mud from the truck tyres as they exit the site. Due to heavy rainfall it is expected that some mud will reach the road during the course of development. Provided this is cleaned up on the day and does not discharge into stormwater sumps Council deem this to be appropriately managed. Council officers are working with contractors and the developer to ensure any mud is cleaned up from the road. Filter cloths and silt socks have been installed in and around sumps on Aniseed Grove. These are inspected regularly and replaced when needed.

  • Traffic

It is expected with a larger development that traffic volumes will increase. Council officers are working with contractors and the developer to ensure the increase in traffic volumes are managed effectively to minimise the impact on the surrounding environment. Depending on the stages of development traffic volumes may increase for short periods.

  • Noise and vibrations

Development works on site need to comply with the Upper Hutt City Council District Plan noise and vibration rules (Chapter 32). These rules allow for more noise compared to typical residential limits. The higher limits apply during 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday. Lower limits apply after 7pm on weekdays, Sundays and public holidays. Works can occur on the site at any time provided the contractors are complying with the rules at that time of day. The noise and vibration standards are designed to allow for development while giving consideration to the comfort in the surrounding environment.

Who to contact:

Calls can be lodged through the Council’s customer services team on (04) 527 2169 or Council’s Compliance Officer Amanda Saville through (04) 529 0090 or  After hours excessive noise complaints can be made through the main Council line listed above.