How to use Xplorer


Xplorer is designed for public use, with the focus as a simple but functional application that can be used with various levels of computer literacy. Xplorer places a special emphasis on the provision of public access to Council information for the benefit of the public and especially council ratepayers.

The data that supports Xplorer consists of geographic and related information including aerial photography. Xplorer provides the ability to view data such as Property or Land Information, Infrastructural Services, and the Proposed District Plan.

The site allows the use of multiple types of devices including smart phones, tablets and PCs. When you launch Xplorer you will be given a choice to use the HTML5 version or the PC (Silverlight) version.

If you are experiencing an error while loading Xplorer, please clear your browsers temporary files cache, close your browser and try again.

How to find a property

Use Xplorer to find a property by following these steps:

  1. Launch Xplorer
  2. Enter a house number and a street name in the search box and Enter
  3. Xplorer will list results in the left hand pane.
  4. Click on the required Land Parcel result and Xplorer will zoom in to the property.
  5. Click on the Assessment number (under Property info heading) to get additional information

How to find rates and property information online

Find rates and property information in Xplorer by searching for a particular address, and viewing the Property Info tab after selecting additional information as above.

Rates information only can also be found using the ‘Search for a property Rates/Valuations‘ link on our Rates page.

How to find the household drains on my property

Use Xplorer to find your property, then click on the Map Layers icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. Select Services and/or Property Drainage.

How to find a zone within the Proposed District Plan

Within Xplorer select the District Plan Map Layer.