Xplorer - Online Mapping

Xplorer is our GIS viewer that allows you to search for properties in Upper Hutt and obtain information such as rates, consents and underground services in relation to the property. It contains spatial and non-spatial information. 

“Xplorer is designed for public use, with the focus as a simple but functional application that can be used with various levels of computer literacy. Xplorer places a special emphasis on the provision of public access to Council information for the benefit of the public and especially council ratepayers.

The data that supports Xplorer consists of geographic and related information including aerial photography. Xplorer provides the ability to view data such as Property or Land Information, Infrastructural Services, and the Proposed District Plan. 

If you are experiencing an error while loading Xplorer, please clear your browsers temporary files cache, close your browser and try again.”

The link to Xplorer was updated on 30 August 2019. You may wish to update any bookmarks you have saved with your browser.

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