Yellow fantail for Road Safety Week

Published on 10 November 2020

Road Safety Week.jpg

“Slow down, drive safely and be aware of others using the road.” That’s the message for this year’s Road Safety Week (9-15 November), aiming to encourage people across the country to call for safer streets in their own communities to reduce deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

Did you know that a third of Kiwis feel at risk from vehicles driving too fast on their own streets, according to recent Brake survey? We’re working with the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to make our streets safer for people to walk and cycle in their own neighbourhoods, but the behaviour of drivers also has a big impact on how safe people feel using the roads.

To help raise awareness and to encourage our community to reflect on the things we can do to look after each other and prevent needless deaths and injuries on the road, we’re lighting the Welcome to Upper Hutt fantail up in yellow, the official colour of the Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Alliance.

Everybody wants to get where they’re going safely, so let’s make sure we’re all driving in a way that makes that possible.