World Smokefree Day 2021

Published on 31 May 2021

World Smokefree sign.JPG

It’s World Smokefree Day. Have you seen these billboards around the city?

We’re on a journey as a community and a country to be smokefree by 2025.

We’ve already started the rollout of our smokefree signage in parks and public places, including both English and Te Reo versions of ‘We copy what we see’ and ‘Thanks for keeping our parks smokefree’.

All Upper Hutt bus stops, train station and taxi stands are smokefree, so is the CBD, and all of our council facilities.

The focus for this year’s Smokefree campaign is ‘Commit to Quit’. Go to, Tobacco Control NZ to find out more, including links to stop smoking services like Quitline and Takiri Mai Te Ata Regional Stop Smoking Service.