Upper Hutt Libraries change opening hours

Published on 28 September 2020

central library entrance

Upper Hutt Libraries' opening hours are changing in order to align the opening and closing times more consistently across both Pinehaven and Central Libraries and to eliminate confusion for customers.

From Monday 5 October Central Library will be open from 9.30am to 6.00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, with a late night on Thursdays until 7.00pm. Weekend hours will be extended by half an hour each day with an earlier opening time of 9.30am, and closing at 4.00pm.

Pinehaven Library hours will also be extended by half an hour on Saturdays with an earlier opening time of 9.30am, with the weekday hours remaining the same.

“We often receive comments about the opening hours saying that they are too confusing, too hard to remember or don’t make sense,” says Libraries Manager, Marion Read. “Customers would like us to have more consistent hours, so the new times will offer just that. We are glad that these changes do not affect the overall number of opening hours available to visit our libraries.”

To inform these changes, a study of usage patterns was undertaken over the 9 months prior to the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown to determine when customers are visiting the Central Library in the evenings. The study showed that between 5.00pm and 6.00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays the library sees moderate usage with an average of 53 people using it during this hour. Usage then drops significantly after 6.00pm to an average of 5 people.

However, Thursday evenings remained consistent with an average number of 75 people using the Library from 5.00pm through to 6.00pm, dropping to 25 for the last hour. This demonstrated that a later closing time on Thursdays was consistently utilised by library customers. Thursday evenings are also popular with the community for holding regular programmes or events.

At Pinehaven Library, staff trialled an earlier opening time on Saturdays in response to comments and after noticing that there are frequently people waiting for the Library to be opened at 10.30am.