Upper Hutt Council and Urban Edge Planning launch a Landscape Guide

Published on 12 February 2024


Upper Hutt City Council along with Urban Edge Planning release a Sustainable Landscape Guide

One of Upper Hutt City Council’s recent Sustainability Stimulus Grant recipients is releasing a free Upper Hutt specific Sustainable Landscape Guide for the community.

Written by landscape architects from Urban Edge Planning, the guide will provide local communities with the Upper Hutt specific advice to start or continue their own landscaping journeys and improve Upper Hutt’s biodiversity and resilience, while encouraging sustainable lifestyles.

"This resource is fantastic for our community,” says Acting Director, Strategy, Partnerships and Growth, Liezel Jahnke “By eliminating obstacles and providing a step-by-step guide, Urban Edge Planning have provided a tool to guide and inspire the community to create and enhance outdoor spaces, while supporting Upper Hutt’s ecosystem.” 

The Guide is built upon best practice advice from Urban Edge Planning and reflects the commitment of the community to sustainable landscaping.  

“Over the years, our city has made great progress in understanding and implementing eco-friendly practices in landscaping,” she says.

As part of our Sustainability Strategy, we have goals around enhancing our natural environment, and keeping the community engaged and informed on sustainability issues.  This guide works towards achieving both of those goals.”

Urban Edge Planning Urban Designer and Landscape Architect Andrea Reid says it is unique and will help transform the landscapes of Upper Hutt into sustainable safe havens for local forest and fauna.

 “This Guide has been very much a project of passion for our Landscape Architecture and Urban Design team at Urban Edge Planning,” she says.

“We have been wanting to utilise our skills to create something that helps our community make more sustainable landscape choices for a long time. Our partnership with Upper Hutt City Council has really helped us achieve this.”

The guide is broken up into guidelines, site design and exemplar inspiration for an easy-to-follow process.

To access the guide, you can view it and download it here www.upperhuttcity.com/Sustainability/Upper-Hutt-Sustainable-Landscape-Guide or copies are available at the Upper Hutt Central Library..

The Sustainability Stimulus Grant was funded as a three-year trail in 2021. Since 2022, the grants funding has also been boosted by an additional allocation from the Government’s Better Off Funding programme.

(PDF, 60MB)(PDF, 60MB)Download the guide here(PDF, 60MB)