Upper Hutt City Council investigating chlorine incident at pool

Published on 05 December 2019


An incident on Tuesday afternoon saw chlorine levels within the children’s activity pool (wave pool) rise above normal operating thresholds at H2O Xtream aquatic centre. The pool was closed when the problem was detected by staff, and reopened once levels returned to normal four and a half hours later.

H2O Xtream uses a dual UV water treatment and chlorine dosing system. Chlorine levels are monitored by an automated system that also administers chlorine into the water as required. Pool staff also undertake a manual check of chlorine levels at the pool every 3 hours. It was a manual inspection that detected the chlorine levels were above normal. Initial reports suggest that the monitoring system was still indicating that chlorine levels were normal.

Council staff are conducting an investigation into the incident. The investigation is expected to provide more detail as to how the incident occurred and what actions can be taken to prevent it happening again. An independent inspection and recalibration of the plant equipment has been conducted. The system appears to be working normally, but for now staff are carrying out manual inspections on an hourly basis.

Council has also reported the incident to WorkSafe New Zealand.

“We’re grateful that our back-up processes are in place which enabled us to respond to the incident in an appropriate manner,” says Council’s Director of Community Services, Mike Ryan. “We are confident that the investigation will highlight the cause of this incident and enable us to put further safeguards in place going forward.”