Tree removal

Published on 25 September 2020

Poplar Tree.PNG

On 8 and 9 October, the poplar trees in front of Pinehaven School are scheduled to be removed. These trees are showing signs of decline and have areas of decay at their base.

With many people using the area around the trees and with them being situated next to high voltage power lines and the road, this is a growing risk for the local community.

There will be some disruption to residents as we implement traffic control measures to ensure public safety.

Preserving existing trees in Upper Hutt is really important to us but the risk they pose as they age is something we can’t ignore. We regularly inspect and monitor trees around the city, removing any that are damaged or deteriorating - we’ve done this in the past for Bridge Road and McLeod Street.

If you are concerned about a tree on council land in your area, please let us know.