The community celebration of Te Kupenga o Rongomai – Maidstone Sports

Published on 12 March 2024


The Upper Hutt community came together on Saturday for the much-anticipated community celebration of Te Kupenga o Rongomai – Maidstone Sports Hub.

The day began with a karakia and whakatau by Ōrongomai Marae before the community was invited to explore the state-of-the-art facility through a self-guided tour.

"It was an exceptional day for the community," says Mayor Wayne Guppy.

“Everyone enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere and celebrated the new hub. It promises to become a central gathering point for the Upper Hutt community.”

The three-hour celebration was filled with activities, led by members from both foundation and non-foundation clubs. A special highlight included Upper Hutt Rams hosting its annual sign-up day during the event.

A scavenger hunt was organised for people to take a journey through various activities and collect stamps along the way.

The community actively participated in the festivities, with Upper Hutt City Football, Upper Hutt Hockey, Upper Hutt Judo, and Maidstone Railway adding to the fun.

“I am proud of the support the community showed for Te Kupenga o Rongomai Maidstone Sports Hub,” says Te Kupenga o Rongomai Maidstone Sports Hub General Manager Cindy Robinson.

“Seeing so many people coming through and getting excited about the opportunities that we have to offer, makes me excited about the future and what we have to look forward to. It was a perfect day; it had such an amazing atmosphere.”

Upper Hutt City Council’s Mike Ryan says the day was enjoyed by all.

“This was a great event that achieved many objectives in the promotion of community sport, recreation, and play in the Upper Hutt community,” he says.

“The Te Kupenga o Rongomai – Maidstone Sports Hub has now firmly established itself as a hub not only for sports enthusiasts but for the entire community, fostering unity and engagement.”


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