The Gardians

Published on 13 October 2023


Introducing the Gardians- The Guardians of our garden. We're on a mission to celebrate our local pollinators, who are some of the hardest-working members of our community! Our goal is to raise awareness about how crucial pollinators are and provide practical ways for you to support them.

As part of our Sustainability Strategy, we're launching a campaign dedicated to shining a spotlight on pollinators with a focus on the Tui, Pī Mīere (honeybee), Pī Pakihawa’ (Bumblebee), Tītapu (Bellbird), Tauhou (Silvereye), Kahuku (Monarch butterfly), Kahukura (Red Admiral butterfly), Rango (hoverfly). Our aim is to share pollinators are so important and offer ideas and opportunities for everyone to lend a helping hand.

But what are pollinators, you ask? Well, they're tiny insects or animals that do something super important – they carry pollen from one plant to another. This helps plants grow, make new seeds and fruits.

So, why are we all about pollinators? Because if we don't take care of them, we could face some big problems. A "pollinator recession" would mean less food, weaker communities, and a big mess in our environment. In simple terms, if we lose our pollinators, we lose the plants they help grow and the animals that depend on them.

Sharing info like this helps our community take better care of our natural world, and it ties into our second sustainability goal which aims to prioritise protecting and enhancing the natural world. 

Are you ready to to delve deeper into the lives of these remarkable pollinators and understand the pivotal roles they play?

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