Tetra Pak® (type packaging) recycling

Published on 13 December 2021

The words, recycle

Today, we're introducing recycling for Tetra Pak type packaging at our recycling station. Tetra Pak cartons are used for things like soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk etc. This is a first for Upper Hutt and we’re the first council in Greater Wellington to offer this service.

Why is it happening?

Until now, Tetra Pak type packaging has been sent to the landfill because they were not able to be recycled in Aotearoa. But now they are being recycled into the lowest embedded carbon building material of its type - save BOARD.

What is saveBOARD?

It’s a sustainable building material made from upcycled used Tetra Pak cartons. It’s made by compressing chipped waste material used Beverage Cartons and adding heat to form sheets. Go to www.saveboard.nz to find out more.

How can I recycle my Tetra Paks?

Drop them off to our recycling station on Park Street. This will be used as Upper Hutt’s collection point, serviced by EarthLink who will bale and ship the Tetra Pak type packaging to the manufacturing plant for reprocessing in Te Rapa, Hamilton.

Having our own recycling station allows us to be flexible so we can quickly adapt to new initiatives like this one. We’ll have a special container for the Tetra Pak type packaging so there is no contamination.

Can I recycle Tetra Paks in my kerbside recycling?

No. Kerbside recycling bins go to the sorting plant at Seaview which doesn’t yet have the ability to separate out used beverage cartons from other materials. So save them up and drop them into the recycling station.

How do I prepare my Tetra Paks for recycling?

Open them out flat

  • Rinse
  • Leave lid on
  • Drop off at Upper Hutt Recycling Station in appropriate bin

Why leave the lids on?

The lids help form the saveBOARD. Which is awesome! But remember, lids from 1, 2 and 5 type plastics still cannot be recycled.

Where do the Tetra Paks go?

EarthLink collect the product from our recycling station and bale it for shipping to the saveBOARD reprocessing plant in Te Rapa, Hamilton.

When is the recycling station open?

We’re open 24/7. Check out our community recycling station page for more information.

Tetra Pak Recycling instructions