Road Safety Week 2022

Published on 10 May 2022

road safety week yellow fantail

The Pīwakawaka/Fantail on SH2 has been lit yellow for Road Safety Week which this year is 9–15 May 2022.

Road Safety Week is coordinated annually by Brake, a road safety charity and sponsored by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and Beca Group. Yellow is the official colour of the campaign.

The theme for this year is ‘Road Safety Heroes’.

Road to Zero is New Zealand’s road safety strategy. The vision is a New Zealand where no one is killed or seriously injured in road crashes.

In Upper Hutt we have many ‘Road Safety Heroes’ who behave safely on our roads—their safe choices are helping us work towards the Road to Zero vision.

Thank you to these ‘Road Safety Heroes’

  • Drivers who drive within the speed limit
  • Drivers who drive to the conditions⁠—sometimes this is under the speed limit
  • Drivers who clear their frosty windows before driving
  • Drivers who check their vehicles to make sure all lights are working, and tyres have good tread and pressure
  • Drivers who look out for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Drivers who use their indicators
  • Drivers who stop at stop signs and red lights
  • Drivers who know and follow the rules at intersections
  • Drivers who buckle up⁠—themselves and passengers under 15
  • Drivers who have and use a child restraint when transporting children
  • Drivers who ignore their cell phone while driving
  • Drivers who don’t drive after drinking
  • Passengers who buckle themselves up
  • Pedestrians who look out for vehicles
  • Pedestrians who stop and look before crossing on a pedestrian crossing
  • Pedestrians who stop and look before crossing the road
  • Cyclists who look out for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Cyclists who use lights when it’s dark
  • Cyclists who wear a helmet
  • School patrol students who help others get across the road safely before and after school

These are just a few of our ‘Road Safety Heroes’ and there are so many more. Are you a Road Safety Hero?