Resuming fluoridation at Te Marua

Published on 03 June 2022

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A message from Wellington Water

Wellington Water is aiming to have fluoride back in the drinking water at the Te Marua and Gear Island Water Treatment Plants in September 2022.

September is when the new purpose-built, standalone fluoride facilities are expected to be up and running at the two plants.

“Key to us being able to have fluoride back on at the right levels are the two new fluoride facilities, which will be constructed over the next few months provided there are no supply chain issues affecting the delivery of equipment which is coming from overseas and the components of the new facility,” says Colin Crampton, Wellington Water CEO.

“The fluoride facilities were stopped at Te Marua in May last year and at Gear Island in November for operational health and safety reasons, which meant we could not guarantee that we could add fluoride safely.  We have been working at pace to restore fluoride at these plants and I’m pleased to be able to provide the public and the residents of Upper Hutt, Porirua, Wellington City, Stokes Valley, and Manor Park with a date on when they can expect to have fluoride back in their drinking water.

“We are continuing to investigate the existing, operationally complex fluoride facility at Te Marua to determine whether it could be safely switched back on while the new standalone facility is being constructed,” Colin said.  No decision has yet been taken.

Last week, Greater Wellington Regional Council approved $6 million to fund the two new standalone fluoride facilities, and upgrades to the existing fluoride facilities at the Wainuiomata and Waterloo Water Treatment Plants, which remain operating.

“The two new facilities and the upgrades will ensure that we are consistently and reliably fluoridating Wellington’s drinking water, “Colin said.

Read Wellington Water’s weekly updates on progress of their work to restore fluoride at the Te Marua and Gear Island Water Treatment Plants and improve the reliability of fluoride dosing at Waterloo and Wainuiomata: