Representation Review Join in the conversation

Published on 01 March 2024

Have your say on who’s representing you in council because your views matter. Embarking on a crucial Representation Review, every six years we look into how the community is represented. Ensuring our city's communities receive fair and effective representation. Any approved changes will impact the 2025 council elections.


Currently, the Upper Hutt community is represented by a mayor and ten councillors who are elected across the whole of Upper Hutt. There are no community boards.

This review will examine our representation model, considering the appropriate number of councillors and the establishment and structuring of any additional wards and community boards.

Fill in the survey and share your thoughts on the following key factors:

  • The overall number of councillors in our community. 
  • Details about  wards, including their names, the number of councillors per ward, and their precise boundaries. 
  • Community boards: does the community want them? If yes, the review must also consider how they’re setup, including names, locations, and the number of members. 

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