Recycling station reminder

Published on 22 December 2020

Park St recycling station.jpg

We’re loving how committed our community is to making use of our recycling station in Park Street and we want you to keep doing it, but at this time of year it’s busier than ever so here are a few things to remember before you go.

  • While the recycling station will be open over the holiday period, there is no emptying on Sundays so this is when the bins tend to be full.

  • If the bins are full, please do not leave your recycling by the bins. Unfortunately when this happens the items have to be landfilled because they haven’t been pre-sorted. Please bring your recycling back at another time when the bins have been emptied.

  • Please only bring washed #1 and #2 plastics, clean flattened cardboard and paper, washed cans and separated glass to the recycling station.

  • Other plastics and polystyrene can’t be recycled through this system so please don’t put them in the bins.

We’ll be monitoring the recycling station closely, in addition to the CCTV already in operation, and will be following up with those who misuse this facility.

We’ll also do our best to ensure that if the bins overflow, contractors are brought in to clean up any mess. But this comes at a cost for rate payers so we would really appreciate your support to ensure the right things go in the right bins, and that recycling isn’t left outside the bins.

Also—a quick reminder on kerbside rubbish collection

If you use Council rubbish bags or Waste Management services, the collections that would normally take place on Christmas Day and New Year's Day will take place the following Saturday. Click here for more information.