Public Zoom events for PC50

Published on 30 August 2021

PC50 image of high rise building.jpg

On Wednesday at 7pm and on Thursday at 12pm, we’ll be running public events online for Plan Change 50.

These are to replace the in-person events we had scheduled but had to cancel due to lockdown.

Our Planners will be talking about what we’re seeking your feedback on, where we’re at in the plan change process, and sharing answers to some of the questions we’re being asked about what’s being proposed.

We’ll be using Zoom and you’ll need a link to join so please email so we can get that to you. We can also provide instructions for how to use Zoom if you’re new to it.

There will be a chance to ask your questions using the comments section, so please have those ready to go.

Don’t forget, the closing date for feedback has been extended. For more information, go to