Planning for growth– how could this impact you?

Published on 17 August 2022

Image of house

The Government is introducing new rules for all high-growth areas to accommodate more residents, businesses and community services in urban areas.

Did you know that by 2051, Upper Hutt’s population is expected to increase from 46,000 to 70,000?

Like other cities across the country, we need to change our District Plan (the rules for land use and development) to support these new rules.

Everyone in Upper Hutt could be affected by what’s being proposed, like:

  • Three dwellings—each up to three storeys—on each site in the residential zone (without needing a resource consent).
  • Housing of at least six storeys within walking distance of train stations and the central business district in the proposed high density residential zone.
  • No maximum height for buildings in the City Centre.
  • New mixed-use and business zones, and new centres from City Centre to Neighbourhood Centre.
  • Developers pay more up front to fund infrastructure required for growth.

We’ve prepared an IPI (Intensification Planning Instrument), which is the complete set of changes councils must make to their District Plans to enable high and medium density development in existing residential and commercial areas.

While most of the IPI applies to urban areas, some parts (including the new Papakāinga (Māori living together communally with traditional commercial activities) provisions and financial contributions changes) apply across the whole city.

You can make a submission on the IPI. Information about how to make a submission is available at

There is also information on the same website about the free ‘Friend of the Submitter’ service if you need a hand working through the proposed changes.

Consultation closes at 5.00 pm on 30 September 2022.