Plan Your Ride Home Before You Head Out campaign

Published on 09 December 2021

Plan your ride home campaign Facebook.jpg

Upper Hutt City Council is collaborating with Hutt City Council, Healthy Families Hutt Valley, and New Zealand Police on the Plan Your Ride Home Before You Head Out campaign. The campaign aims to reduce alcohol-related crashes on our roads this summer by encouraging people to organise their ride home before they head out drinking.

Hutt Valley has seen 823 alcohol-related crashes since 2015, resulting in eight fatalities and 415 injuries. Forward planning means fewer drunk drivers behind the wheel and helps keep our roads, and communities, safe.

If you’re heading out for drinks with friends and whānau, plan to get home safely by:

  • Catching a ride with a sober mate
  • Grabbing a taxi or Ola/Uber/Zoomy
  • Jumping on a bus or train
  • Walking back with a friend

The message is simple – if you’re drinking, don’t drive or if you plan to drink, then plan not to drive.

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