Pinehaven library closed for tree removal

Published on 03 April 2023

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Work started on Monday, 1 May, to remove the tree.  The fine weather has allowed this to progress smoothly, and we are pleased to announce that Pinehaven Library will be opened to the community on Thursday, 4 May at 9.30AM.

All programmes and services at Pinehaven Library will resume from 4 May. 

We thank our community for your patience and continuous support and look forward to your visits to Pinehaven Library.



Work to remove the tree has been scheduled for Monday 1 May. The work is likely to take three days.

While the tree is being removed, there will be no library services available on site. 

Alternate services available:

  • Please hold on to all returns, or return them to Central Library. We will extend the pick up time on reserved items for pick up at Pinehaven Library.
  • Storytots @ Pinehaven Library cancelled until further notice. Alternately you can attend Storytots @ Central Library on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10AM.
  • We encourage you to visit the Central Library, or use our digital resources.  Go to to find out more.


Thank you for your patience and understanding while we complete this work so we can reopen the Pinehaven Library.



Below is the full schedule for Pūrehurehu Mobile Library stops at Pinehaven Library 

Saturday 15 April, 9.30AM – 12.00 NOON

Monday 17 April  to Friday 21 April, 11.00AM – 3.00PM

Saturday 22 April, 9.30AM – 12.00 NOON

Monday 24th April,1.00pm – 4.00pm

Tuesday 25th April CLOSED ANZAC Day  

Wednesday 26th April,1.00pm – 4.00pm

Thursday 27th April,1.00pm – 4.00pm

Friday 28th April, CLOSED (Pūrehurehu is unavailable)

Saturday 29th April, 9.30am – 12.00pm

Programmes at Pinehaven Library

Storytots @ Pinehaven Library cancelled until further notice.

Alternately you can attend Storytots @ Central Library on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10am.

Friday 14 April, 10.30AM – Bush gourmet and bushcraft is going ahead as planned, as it is being run off-site. Please check your email for where to meet.

There were no holiday programmes planned for Pinehaven Library during the second week of the holidays.





The Pinehaven Library building is being assessed for damages today.

Here is the schedule for Pūrehurehu Mobile Library visits at Pinehaven Library.

Wednesday,  5 April, 1.00PM – 4.00PM

Thursday, 6 April, 1.00PM – 4.00PM  

Friday, 7 April (Good Friday), CLOSED

Saturday, 8 April, 10.00AM – 12.00PM   

Sunday, 9 April (Easter Sunday), CLOSED

Monday, 10 April (Easter Monday), CLOSED

Tuesday, 11 April, CLOSED

Holds or reserves will be available for pick-up from Pūrehurehu, but due to the size of the vehicle, we will only have a limited selection of books to choose from.

We will publish an extended Pūrehurehu Mobile Library schedule for the school holidays as soon as possible.




Pinehaven Library will be closed until further notice while we further assess and then remove the pine tree next to the Library. 

Over the weekend a large branch fell from the tree posing a risk to the public. 

While we are getting an urgent update on the structure of the tree, we are also requesting quotes for the removal of the tree. 

It may be up to 2-3 weeks before the tree can be removed given its size and location and the Easter break. 

In the meantime, repairs to the building are underway and will be completed within the next day or two.  

There was a discussion at the recent City Services meeting where concerns about the tree were raised, and a recommendation to remove the tree was put forward. 

Council staff referred to a recent assessment report on the tree, carried out in December 2022, by a professional arborist, in which the tree was deemed safe but did recommend some aggressive pruning.  

This pruning work was carried out. Indicative cost of removing the tree and preparing for new planting provided to that meeting was approximately $50,000.   

Mayor Guppy said at the meeting that while cost was a concern, the prime factor was public safety and that if the tree became a health and safety issue, it would be removed as soon as possible. 

The team at Upper Hutt Libraries is working on alternative services for the local community and will provide an update on these later today. Keep an eye on their Facebook page or website. 

In the meantime, we encourage you to visit the Central Library, or use our digital resources.  

Go to to find out more.