New manager for Upper Hutt Libraries

Published on 15 December 2021

2021-12-03 Denise Clarkson.jpg

Upper Hutt Libraries are welcoming our new manager, Denise Clarkson, on 26 January 2022. Denise is making the move from Hutt City Libraries and is looking forward to the new opportunity and working with the close-knit community of Upper Hutt. Denise brings a wealth of experience with nearly 30 years’ experience in libraries including the last 20 years in the Wellington regions public libraries. Upper Hutt Libraries will be the third Wellington region public library she has worked in.

“From having lived in Upper Hutt myself, there’s an incredibly tight community feel to the city. Even though people work and play in other parts of the region, there’s a real sense of closeness, that we don’t get in larger cities around Wellington. I’m looking forward to working in a community that has a sense of pride. And from our little part of the world, we can offer some amazing global resources like our electronic resources that have helped us support our community through the pandemic.”

Denise has acknowledged the work the Upper Hutt Libraries team has done so far “Marion and the team have developed the library to what it is today” she said, and she is looking forward to “picking up work that’s already in progress and wanting to add value to the great work that’s already been done.”

She said she’s looking forward to coming into the team with no pre-existing objectives and is “wanting to get to know the community and get to work on how we can develop the library to best serve the community.”

Marion Read, Upper Hutt Libraries Manager from 2016 until 2021 has moved on to become the Libraries Advisor for Local Government New Zealand where she will help direct growth and understanding around what libraries do, and how they function in communities.