New governance model and trustees coming for Maidstone Park

Published on 12 May 2022

Exterior Perspective of sports hub

Upper Hutt City Council has formally adopted a proposal that will see a new Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) created for Maidstone Park, following consultation with the community earlier this year.

Several operating models were assessed to determine the best approach, but a CCO (with charitable trust status) that will provide and promote sporting, recreation, play and leisure opportunities at Maidstone Park, was the option consulted on and supported by the community.

A CCO is an entity in which one or more local authorities control 50% or more of voting rights or appoint 50% or more of the members of the governing body.

The CCO will initially be responsible for the governance, management and operation of the new shared clubrooms and indoor training facility (green room) currently under construction. The CCO will also take on the responsibilities of the Maidstone Park Turf Trust, which is to be wound up. This Trust oversees the bookings for the multi-use artificial turf and training areas and the bottom level of the pavilion facility (changing rooms and storage).

Progress on the new facility is tracking well, with an estimated completion date of September 2023.

Funding for this (and other additional improvements at Maidstone Park) was received from Upper Hutt City Council, and the Government as part of its Covid-19 recovery response infrastructure programme.

Director of Community Services, Mike Ryan says “it’s important to us that the current and future groups who will use the park have a well-managed facility and get the access and support they need.”

“The next step is to appoint trustees to be in place by September/October 2022. The CCO Trustee positions will be open to all within the community, through a transparent, skill-based appointment process.

Once appointed, the trustees will start creating their Statement of Intent, engaging staff, and establishing an Operations Advisory Committee” Ryan says.

More information about the consultation and the establishment of the CCO is available on the Council’s website,

Exterior Perspective of sports hub

Image: The CCO will be responsible for the new shared clubrooms and indoor training facility.