Mana whenua trusts and Council relationship formalised

Published on 08 June 2023

Vicki Hollywell, Anaru Smiler, Liz Mellish, Wayne Guppy, and Peter Kelly formalise the Trust-Council relationship through a memorandum of partnership

A memorandum of partnership (MOP) was signed last week on Wednesday by representative members of Hikoikoi Management Limited, Wellington Tenths Trust, and Palmerston North Māori Reserve Trust; and Upper Hutt City Council’s Mayor and Chief Executive.

The event took place in the Media Room at NZCIS on 31 May.

The MOP formalises a relationship that has been maturing over several years and is Upper Hutt’s first official partnership agreement with mana whenua.

“Council and the trusts have worked well together operationally over the past 4 years,” said Upper Hutt Mayor, Wayne Guppy. “The formalisation of this partnership will strengthen our working relationship at all levels—especially at the strategic level.”

Operationally, Council will see more regular meetings with trust representatives as it seeks to widen its capacity when considering strategy, planning, and public engagement—with a growing focus on effective Māori participation and engagement.

The agreement is guided by the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi: partnership; participation; and protection. However, there are also additional principles the trusts and Council have agreed to: tikanga Māori; tribal self-regulation; inclusive decision-making; consultation; and sustainable development.

“This is us moving to honour the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi,” said Mayor Guppy. “But it’s not a box-ticking exercise—we have to genuinely want to live up to the commitments that were made, for the wellbeing of our community and integrity of our society going forward.”

“This partnership agreement is testament to genuine progress being made for the sake of generations past and generations to come.”

“We’re very grateful for the progress we’ve made with the trusts and look forward to the outcomes of a growing partnership with them and with other mana whenua in Upper Hutt.”

Download/view the Memorandum of Partnership(PDF, 536KB)

Signees of the agreement are:

Anaru Smiler—Chairperson, Wellington Tenths Trust

Liz Mellish—Chairperson, Palmerston North Māori Reserve Trust

Vicki Hollywell—General Manager, Hikoikoi Management Limited

Wayne Guppy—Mayor of Upper Hutt

Peter Kelly—Chief Executive, Upper Hutt City Council