Maidstone Sports Hub: December Milestone Update

Published on 19 December 2023


Maidstone Sports Hub is on the verge of completion, with the structure now fully dried, and significant efforts are underway to expedite the final stages of the project. Additionally, the Maidstone Sports Hub has received a new name courtesy of Te Āti Awa - Maidstone Sports Hub. Furthermore, the Hub is pleased to announce the addition of two new Trustees to its team. 

Te Kupenga o Rongomai - Maidstone Sports Hub

  • Maidstone Sports Hub has been renamed at the last Council meeting on 1 November to Te Kupenga o Rongomai - Maidstone Sports Hub
  • The new name has been gifted by Te Āti Awa and makes a connection between Te Kupenga (a fishing net) and the Hub's outreach to the community, fostering unity and collaboration. 

    Shared clubrooms and indoor training facility

  • Buildings are 100% dried in. Waterproofing work continues at the Grandstand allowing glass balustrades and seating to be installed next Month.
  • Tremendous amount of interior work has progressed during the race to final completion. Sports flooring is programmed for next Month with interior linings and painting nearing completion.
  • Car park works almost complete, and it includes the decision to replace the existing paving with new. This was partially funded by the Contractor. Concrete kerbing and walkways to be completed shortly. 

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