Maidstone Park Trust Trustees appointed

Published on 21 October 2022

MCSH Trustee Induction.jpg

A group of new Trustees have been appointed to the newly created Maidstone Park Trust. 

The Trust, guided by Upper Hutt City Council as a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO), will govern the Maidstone Park Community Sports Hub which includes the shared clubrooms and indoor training facility (currently under construction), and other associated park functions.

The Trustees were appointed by an interview committee consisting of four Councillors and an independent appointee. “The process for shortlisting and assessing the ten applicants interviewed was thorough and robust” says Council’s Director of Community Services, Mike Ryan.

“The committee was cognizant of ensuring that there was a complimentary mix of skill sets and governance experience amongst the Trustees. We’re confident that the Trustees appointed will work together to advance the purposes of the Trust and enhance the usage of the Maidstone Park Community Sports Hub and in turn the growth of sport, physical activity and play opportunities within our community.”

The Trustees will appoint a Chair and Deputy Chair at their first meeting scheduled for November.

The Trustees have a significant amount of work to get through which includes the signing of the Trust Deed, signing of the Management Agreement with Council, registering themselves as a Charitable Trust, developing all the processes and policies for the operation of the hub, employment of staff, along with stakeholder engagement and the establishment of an Operating Advisory Committee.

Jointly funded by Council and the Government’s Covid infrastructure recovery fund, the Maidstone Community Sports Hub project is on track to be completed by September 2023, years ahead of its original timeframe. 

To read more about the project, visit our Maidstone Community Sports Hub page.

MCSH Trustee Induction.jpg

Left to right – Julie Morrison, Julie Hood, Zara Kljakovic, Christina Edmonds, Tania Yorwarth, Kelvin Watson