Maidstone Community Sports Hub taking shape

Published on 12 December 2022

Ariel shot of Maidstone Park clubrooms.png

The build of the shared clubrooms and indoor facility at Maidstone Park continues to progress well, with the concrete slabs down and pre-cast panels being installed. Work will continue over the Christmas period. 

You can watch the latest drone footage on our YouTube channel below:  

The newly appointed Maidstone Park Trust trustees have signed the Deed of the Trust and are working through the management agreement.  

The management agreement will outline the Trust's responsibilities on behalf of the Council and the community regarding some of the facilities on Maidstone Park. 

The Trust has many steps to undertake before they can operate and will be taking these steps over the next few months. This includes incorporating as a registered charitable trust, acquiring a bank account, setting up with IRD, and registering as a charity. 

One of the most important actions for the trustees is to establish a Statement of Intent. The 3-year Statement of Intent will set out the Trust's objectives and the nature and scope of the activities it will carry out. The work on this will begin after the trustees have met with stakeholders. 

You can read more about the project on the Maidstone Community Sports Hub page.