Maidstone Community Sports Hub gifted a new name from Te Āti awa

Published on 14 November 2023

Maidstone overview.JPG

Upper Hutt City Council announced that Maidstone Community Sports Hub will be renamed Te Kupenga o Rongomai

The new name has been gifted by Te Āti Awa and makes a connection between Te Kupenga (a fishing net) and the Hub's outreach to the community, fostering unity and collaboration. 

“Te Kupenga o Rongomai means the fishing net of Rongomai, which symbolises the Hub's purpose as a gathering place for the community, akin to casting a net to bring people together,” said Kaanihi Butler, former cultural advisor for Te Āti Awa. 

Upper Hutt City Council Director of Community Services Mike Ryan said it’s an honour to receive the name from Te Āti Awa. 

"This meaningful name beautifully reflects the vision of Maidstone Sports Hub,” he said. 

The naming process involved Councils Kaitakawaenga Māori, Te Kahu Rolleston, Consulting with Te Āti Awa and Ōrongomai Marae.  

Ngāti Toa endorsed the names recommended by Te Atiawa, supporting both Te Kupenga o Rongomai for the Maidstone Park Community Sports Hub building and Te Aka o te Kupenga for the Trust. 

Maidstone Community Sports Hub is the responsibility of the Maidstone Park Trust, which was also gifted a new name.   

The name Te Aka o te Kupenga was chosen for the Trust, which aligns with Te Kupenga o Rongomai, the new name of the Maidstone Community Sports Hub. 

“The ‘aka’ or vine is the thread that holds the entire net, it supports the net, shapes the net, it’s the part you hold to guide the nets direction,” said Butler. 

“The aka, in many instances, is also responsible for delivering waiora (waters of sustenance) and is an indication of life. There is also the added play on words, in its connection with Akatarawa as one of the key mountain ranges in the area.” 

Cindy Robinson, the newly appointed General Manager of Te Kupenga o Rongomai, has been actively engaging with foundation tenants, fostering relationship agreements, and collaborating with a number of community groups. She said the new name perfectly encapsulates the Hub’s mission. 

“The Hub aims to create a space where members of the community gather to play together, so the new name is very fitting.”