Long Term Plan 2021-2031 consultation now open

Published on 26 March 2021

Upper Hutt Starts with U.jpg

Every three years we prepare a 10 year Long Term Plan (LTP). It covers how we’ll manage and maintain our facilities, services and community assets, as well as our plans and proposals to enhance them.

We do this to make sure our plan for the next 10 years remains relevant (taking into account any external influencing factors) and best reflects the direction of our Council, and the changing needs of our community.

We’re preparing our Long Term Plan for 2021-2031 now but before we lock it in, we’re keen to kōrero (talk) with you about what we’re planning, how our key proposals impact our spending and most importantly, your rates.

To help explain what’s being proposed, we’re delivering a consultation booklet to every residential address and PO Box in the city. You won’t miss it, the front cover says: Upper Hutt starts with U.

And that’s true. It’s really important that you let us know what you think. Your feedback will help us shape our LTP for the next 10 years.

The booklet will highlight:

  • The issues and opportunities we expect to face over the next 10 years, and what our priorities are.
  • What services we provide and where rates are spent. It also highlights where our other sources of funding come from.
  • The impact of options for recycling, upgrades to H2O Xtream and the Civic Centre, and our plans for sustainability.
  • Other proposals like how we measure our performance and changes to some of our policies.

Most importantly, it gives you an opportunity to tell us what you think about the options we’re proposing. Each option has an impact on your rates, so take some time to consider how it might impact you and your whānau (family).

You can give us your feedback between 26 March and 26 April, either with the tear-out freepost form in the booklet, or online at letskorero.upperhuttcity.com.

Mayor Guppy and your Councillors will also be at a number of events across the city and are keen to chat with you about the plan. You can find a list of these at letskorero.upperhuttcity.com.

So check your letterbox, have a read of the consultation booklet, and let’s kōrero!