Infrastructure Acceleration Fund

Published on 19 August 2021

Bulldozers working on a construction site.JPG

On Tuesday, Councillors met at an Extraordinary Council Meeting to discuss the Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the Infrastructure Acceleration Fund.

Due to the commercial sensitivities contained within the applications, the paper was covered in the Public Excluded section of the meeting.

There were four applications under consideration - Cannon Point Totara Park, St Patrick’s College Silverstream, Silverstream Spur Road/Infrastructure Corridor, and Trentham Racecourse.  

Council agreed to support the four applications to be submitted to the EOI process. One of their key considerations was that even if an application is selected, it will have to go through a detailed Request for Proposal process. If selected through that process, further Council decision making processes would need to be followed under the Resource Management Act and within the next 2024-34 Long Term Plan process and both would require public consultation.

As we mentioned in last Friday’s update, making an application to the IAF is no guarantee of future work commencing until other consultation and decision making processes are completed.

There are expected to be numerous applications made to the EOI, similar to what happened for the ‘Shovel-ready fund’, as the Government looks to create a pipeline of projects for the next 10 years.