Harcourt Park gets a new Hex Tower

Published on 01 December 2023

harcourt complete.jpg


That was quick!
The brand new Hex Tower at Harcourt Park was set to be unveiled on 24 December. ��
But with a little hard work and Christmas magic, it's already finished! ✨
Featuring a rock wall, fireman's poles, tube slide, and more, get ready for this to become your new destination over summer. ☀
Get down to Harcourt Park and give it a go!


News update posted 01 December 2023

With Christmas is just around the corner,  our Parks and Reserves team are playing Santa this year! An exciting addition to the park's landscape is in progress – the installation of a brand-new Hex Tower, scheduled to be unveiled on the 24th of December.

The Hex Tower, a marvel of design and play, takes the form of an action-packed hexagonal structure that seamlessly connects to a second playground module via a slat bridge. This enchanting tower is a haven for adventure seekers, featuring a rock wall, fireman's poles, tube slide, hand and foot climber, and a myriad of other elements designed to enhance balance and coordination.

Designed with the utmost creativity, the Hex Tower promises an immersive play experience for children of all ages. Its hexagonal shape adds a unique touch, providing a dynamic environment for exploration and fun. The interconnected modules create a playground oasis where the spirit of play knows no bounds.

More than just a source of amusement, the Hex Tower is a fantastic tool for building overall body strength. Children can climb, slide, and manoeuvre through the various challenges, fostering physical development while having a blast. As the finishing touches are being applied to this captivating play module, anticipation is building among the community for the grand unveiling just in time for Christmas.