Gibbons Street/SH2 roundabout partial closure from 11 March

Published on 08 March 2019

Map of Gibbon Street Roadworks

Wellington Water has begun the replacement of the wastewater pipe in Gibbons Street. The new wastewater pipe will provide a higher level of resilience for seismic events and accommodate future developments in the area.

From 11 March 2019, the Gibbons Street/SH2 roundabout will be partially closed. This means that traffic heading to SH2 will be diverted via Victoria Street and Pine Avenue, around the northeast side of the roundabout.

All traffic exiting off SH2 into Gibbons Street will be diverted at the roundabout to left-turn only into Riverbank Street and back to Gibbons Street via Pine Avenue and either Victoria Street or McParland Street. See image.

This project is being managed by Wellington Water.