Further submissions for PPC55 Gabites Block

Published on 01 June 2022

Private Plan Change 55 Upper Hutt.jpg

Back in March, we received and accepted a Private Plan Change request to rezone the site at 1135 Maymorn Road, Upper Hutt (Private Plan Change 55). The proposed changes would mean the current General Rural and Rural Production zoning would be changed to a newly created Settlement Zone to allow approximately 170 – 200 residential units to be built on the site.

The submission closed on 5:00pm Wednesday 13 April 2022. We received fifty responses and are now open for further submissions. This means we’re asking for feedback on the submissions received in the first round of consultation. Further submissions can be made by anyone in the community with an interest in the Private Plan Change, for example anyone who lives works, or volunteers in the area.

We want to reiterate that private plan changes are not initiated by Council.

To find out more, and to make a further submission, go to www.letskorero.upperhuttcity.com/ppc55

The submission period will close on Friday 17 June 2022 at 5pm