New Forces of Nature sculpture ‘sews together’ surroundings

Published on 30 October 2023


A new sculpture which ‘sews together’ the fault scarp at Harcourt Park was unveiled by Upper Hutt Mayor Wayne Guppy on Friday morning. 

The sculpture, which stands by the Norbert Street entrance to Harcourt Park and the Hutt River, was designed by Upper Hutt City Council Parks and Reserves Officer Conrad King and Horticultural Officer Mark Raines. 

A fault scarp is a cliff or escarpment resulting from an uplift along one side of a fault. Conrad says the stitching and needle represent sewing the fault scarp together. 

“It symbolises the efforts people make to tame nature and protect themselves from flooding, earthquakes, weather, and other natural events. It also represents how futile those efforts are if nature decides to unleash its full power.” 

Conrad hopes the sculpture will encourage people to ponder both the strength and fragility of Mother Nature in a different way every time they visit. 

Mayor Guppy says the unique design will add to the city’s diverse collection of sculptures and enhance its surroundings. 

“We have nothing else like this, and it really adds to what is already a very special area enjoyed by people of all ages,” he says. 

“It’s a wonderful attraction for locals and visitors to Upper Hutt which supports and underpins the city’s vision - Life, Leisure, Live it.” 


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