Find your nearest Community Emergency Hub

Published on 21 May 2019

People weather proofing a building at a Community Emergency Hub

Imagine that a large earthquake has struck the region. You’ve made it home and checked on your family and neighbours. What do you do next?

With potential hazards such as major earthquakes, tsunamis, storms and flooding, the Community Emergency Hub initiative is a programme of work led by the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office (WREMO) to help local communities be more resilient by knowing the best way to help each other in a disaster. In a disaster, such as a big earthquake, there may be widespread damage to important infrastructure and lifeline utilities, such as power, water and phone networks. Once residents have checked on their household and neighbours, they can go to their local Community Emergency Hub to ask for and offer assistance, find out information about what’s happening in their suburb or just to be in the company of others facing a similar situation.

Formerly known as Civil Defence Centres, there are 127 Community Emergency Hubs located at community facilities and schools across the Wellington Region. There are no supplies stored at Hubs, but there is a small amount of equipment and a VHF radio to help the community communicate with the official emergency response if phone networks are down.

Be more prepared for an emergency by finding your nearest Community Emergency Hub at