Changes coming for Council projects through annual plan consultation

Published on 04 April 2022

Annual plan consultation dates.jpg

Consultation on our Annual Plan 2022-2023 starts today.

Typically, we wouldn’t consult on our Annual Plan as it doesn’t usually change from the Long Term Plan the previous year, however we are facing mounting budget pressure and are proposing to change the way we approach our key projects to keep rates affordable for the community.

Upper Hutt Mayor, Wayne Guppy says “our country and economy continue to be impacted by the COVID-19 recovery, particularly when it comes to cost pressures, supply chain issues, and a tight labour market. This is creating an unpredictable landscape in terms of costs, and the projects we can reliably deliver.”

To help relieve some of the pressure, we're proposing to defer the wider Civic Centre upgrade to make way for the H2O Xtream upgrade.

“We know our community wants to see H2O Xtream fully upgraded but the costs have increased significantly, we’ll have to make some changes so we can affordably deliver these projects” Mayor Guppy says.

Another item up for discussion is the repair of Fergusson Drive, something that has been a source of community frustration for several years. While we did have plans to repair the road over 10 years, we're proposing to fast track this work, so it is complete within five years.

“We know we have issues on parts of our roading network” says Mayor Guppy. “We have completed a thorough investigation and we know what needs to be done. Fast tracking the work means we can start looking at addressing issues with other arterial roads and key routes sooner.”

Through the annual plan consultation, feedback is also being sought on an enclosed dog park in Upper Hutt. This is a matter we often receives feedback on and have agreed to put it out for consultation to get community views.

There are also changes being proposed to our fees and charges.

The overall annual plan consultation has two options for Upper Hutt residents to consider, one that would see the rates increase remain at 5.83% as projected, and another that would see it increase to 6%.

“In terms of the strategic drivers that are influencing our work and the key priorities for delivery to our community—nothing has changed. What has changed are some important factors in our operating environment” says Mayor Guppy.

“Tough times require some tough decisions, and we have to be financially prudent. We want to know what people think about what we’re proposing, so I encourage everyone to engage in the process.”

The annual consultation runs from 4 April – 12 May. To find out more, go to