California Park gets a new swing set

Published on 07 December 2023

Swings 1.jpg

The swings at California Park underwent replacement, reaching the end of their useful life for UHCC. Playground People LTD provided new, higher swings to accommodate a broader range of users. The swings supplied by Playground People were installed by the hard-working team from Downer.   

While it may seem straightforward, the project involved substantial effort. Removing the old swing structure and precisely installing the new set required meticulous work to ensure longevity, compliance, and, most importantly, a lot of fun for our Tamariki!

One heartwarming aspect of this project is that we managed to remove the old swings without causing any damage. They were then gifted to a local family, to be re-used for their child who experienced sensory needs.

As part of the ongoing work at California Park, the rebound wall will be removed due to lack of use and constant vandalism and the old basketball hoop will be replaced with a brand new one. We anticipate receiving the new hoop early in the upcoming year and plan to arrange for its installation shortly thereafter.

Swings 2.jpg