COVID-19 23 March Silverstream Landfill update

Published on 23 March 2020

Virus graphic

The Silverstream landfill is an essential service. In response to the evolving COVID-19 situation, we are reducing Silverstream landfill’s operation.

From 24 March 2020:

  • The Silverstream landfill is not accepting domestic waste drop offs.
  • The Earthlink recycling facility at Silverstream is closed.

 If you are not an existing commercial account holder and need to urgently dispose of waste which is:

  • of a quantity that is not suitable for general curbside collection; and
  • is either putrescible or a threat to human health if not disposed of,

please email with a description of the waste, the waste volume, the extent to which the waste is in solid form, whether the waste contains anything hazardous or leachable.

Private kerbside collectors will be in touch with customers directly.

  • Waste Management will still collect recyclables but have notified customers they will landfill the material.
  • Low Cost Bins have asked their customers to not put their recycling bin out and to put any recyclable material directly into their rubbish bin.