Update your details (rates only)

Changed your postal address, phone number or email address?

Use our online form below to let us know about any changes to your personal details for your rates account.

Changed your bank and have a Direct Debit in place to pay your rates?

If you have changed banks, you will need to complete a new Direct Debit form with the new account information.

Once we receive the new information we will cancel the old authority and replace it with the new one.  You can complete a new direct debit authority online from our payments page or you can email the rates office to send you a form by email or post.

Changed your name?

We can only change your name on the rates invoice if your name has been changed on the title held by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).  If your name has been changed on the title and it's not reflected on the invoice, please email us a copy of the new title or contact our office with the name of solicitor you used to change the title and we will chase up the information from the solicitor to update our records.

Please be aware that when properties are owned by more than two people, only the first two names will show on the invoices due to limited space when posting.  However, all names will be recorded in the rates record.  If a property is owned by a trust, the names of the trustees are in our records and displayed on the invoices. 

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