Receive rates by email

You can receive your rates invoices and correspondence from us by email instead of post.  You can register online at using the reference number on your last printed invoice.  If you are a new owner and have not received a rates notice yet, please contact the rates team and we can help you set up emailed invoices.

If you choose to receive your rates invoices by email, you will also be able to view them online and print them.

Please note:

  • By registering online, you agree to accept rates invoices and correspondence online to the email address you provide instead of by post.
  • If you change your email address, please let us know immediately.  We cannot accept responsibility for rates invoices and correspondence that cannot be delivered due to an invalid email address. Rates invoices and correspondence not able to be delivered by email, will be delivered to your last known postal address.
  • Always be sure to notify us of any change in postal address.  Even if you are receiving your rates information by email, other Council teams may still send you information by post, so it is important to always notify us of any change in postal address.