Do you need consent?

Please note:  We recommend you contact one of our planners to talk about your building project to check compliance with the District Plan. Even if it does not need a building consent, it may require a resource consent. You can contact the duty planner on 04 5272169 or email

Buildings cannot be constructed, altered, demolished, or removed without building consent. However under section 41 of the Building Act, building consent is not required in certain cases such as:

  • Any building work described in Schedule 1 of the Building Act for which a building consent is not required.
  • Urgent work for the purpose of saving or protecting life or health or preventing serious damage to property, where obtaining a building consent prior is impracticable. If you believe your situation meets the test for urgent works please contact us so we can advise you on practicalities and other requirements.
  • Energy work (gas fitting or prescribed electrical work) does not require a building consent unless the energy work relates to any specified system that is contained in, or proposed to be contained in, any building.

Schedule 1 of the Act describes work that is exempt such as:

  • General repair, maintenance and replacement
  • Single-storey detached buildings not exceeding 10 square metres in floor area
  • Veranda or carports where the roof area is less than 20m2
  • Low level retaining walls
  • A low level patio or deck
  • Demolition of detached building 


New building consent exemptions

New building consent exemptions took effect from 31 August 2020 as The Government added additional building consent exemptions to the Building Act. Find out more at

MBIE have developed a new interactive tool for home owners to support their understanding of building consent exemptions for some of the more common projects. 

Give the Build It tool a try