Preparing an Assessment of Environmental Effects

Identify the effects

Gain an understanding of the proposed development and identify which District Plan objectives, policies and rules it fails to comply with. Consider these aspects of non-compliance and list the effects they may have on the surrounding environment and neighbouring properties – identify both positive and adverse environmental effects.

Methods for managing the effects

For each of the potential adverse effects identified, consider how these will be avoided, remedied or mitigated, and prepare a statement about this. If identified at an early stage, some effects from a proposal may be simple to resolve by changing the design or location of a building, machinery to be used, hours of operation and so forth. Other effects may be technical, such as noise, traffic, wind or glare. To adequately address these matters in your AEE you may need to employ an expert to assist you and amend the proposal to avoid, remedy or mitigate any adverse environmental effects.

Alternative locations and measures

If the effects identified are significant, state what alternative locations and methods for undertaking the activity have been explored.

Examples of effects to consider:

  • Any effect on neighbours directly adjoining the site boundaries – consider what the effects the appearance, bulk and scale of the proposal will be when seen from neighbouring properties.
  • Any effect of the design – does it fit in with the surrounding neighbourhood.
  • Any shading effects – consider where the sun rises and sets.
  • Any traffic or parking effects.
  • Any possible alternative locations or methods for undertaking the activity. Your reasons for making the proposed choice.
  • Any noise effects.Any effects to existing mature trees, hedges and vegetation.
  • Any lighting effects.
  • Any effects from hours of operation.
  • Any effects from proposed signs e.g. consider sign lines for traffic turning in and out of the property.Any servicing effects (e.g. connect to Council’s reticulated services for water, stormwater, sewer or provide effluent disposal fields.