Elected Members' Expenses and Allowances Policy

It is important that our Elected Members can attend to Council business when required and are equipped with the right tools to help them in their governing role.

Our Elected Members can claim some expenses and are provided an allowance for specifics such as travel, parking, childcare, ICT usage and hearings.

Each  year  the  Remuneration  Authority  sets  the  remuneration  and  allowances  for  all  elected members through the Local Government Members Determination.  

Once  every  three  years,  in  the  year  of  local  authority  elections,  Council will  review  the  Elected  Members’ Expenses and Allowances Policy.

Council will  also  make  changes  to  the  Policy  each  year  based  on  the  Local  Government  Members  Determination that is issued by the Remuneration Authority.

The Elected Members’ Expenses and Allowances Policy(PDF, 160KB)