Our Long Term Plan

What is a Long Term Plan?

Consultation on our Long Term Plan 2024-2034 will open from 28 March to 28 April. We’ll be asking you to have your say on important issues that affect our city, communities and, most importantly, future generations of Upper Hutt. Find out more at https://letskorero.upperhuttcity.com/ltp

The Long Term Plan is Council’s activity plan and budget for the next decade. It incorporates the Annual Plan for the first of the 10 years.

Every three years we produce a Long Term Plan, setting out the projects, activities, and services that we’ll invest in and develop over the ten-year period. It is about striking the right balance; maintaining current assets and levels of service, investing in the future of our city, and prudently managing rates and debt. The plan is guided by the city vision and outlines Council’s commitment to this vision–through investment, ongoing activity, and projects.

It also provides a platform for community engagement and ensures that the decisions and activities included continue to create a community that the people want, now and in the future. Council’s activity areas are monitored by performance measures and targets. These are reported on via quarterly reports, which make up the Annual Report.

Every council is required to produce a long term plan under the Local Government Act 2002.

Council’s Long Term Plan 2024 – 2034 was formally adopted on 27 June 2024. It is operative from 1 July 2024 and will be available soon. For more information, please review our agenda for the 27 June meeting. Minutes will be available soon.

Our Long Term Plan 2021 – 2031 (LTP) outlines our approach to achieving the community's aspirations for Upper Hutt. Council adopted the LTP 2021 – 2031 (LTP) on 29 June 2021.

You can view or download the entire LTP or by each of the following sections below:

Long Term Plan 2021 – 2031 (full document)(PDF, 9MB)

Section X: Cover and preliminaries(PDF, 656KB)
This section includes a full table of contents, a welcome message from the Mayor and Chief Executive, a document structure overview, and the Independent auditor's report.

Section A: Overview(PDF, 2MB)
This section provides an overview of this LTP—the overarching outcomes drivers and feedback that have informed the development of this plan.

Section B: Groups of activities(PDF, 1MB)
This section provides detail of the activities and services provided by Council—the key deliverables, how we measure performance, and the costs and funding required for our activities.

Section C: Strategies and financials(PDF, 4MB)
This section details how Council proposes to manage the funding of and spending on its operations throughout the LTP period. It also outlines how Council will perform against legislated benchmarks.

Section D: Assumptions and policies(PDF, 970KB)
This section includes policies that have guided our planning and decision-making as we developed this LTP.

Section E: Other information(PDF, 1MB)
This section includes information about Upper Hutt, the City Council and a glossary of terms.

Submission responses

Responses to each individual submission can be found in the Long-Term-Plan-2021-2031-Submissions-and-Council-Responses.pdf(PDF, 7MB). If you need help finding the response to your submission, please contact us during business hours at letskorero@uhcc.govt.nz.

For the full agenda and minutes from Council deliberations, go to the Meetings & Minutes section of our website and select Additional Council 26 May 2021.

Our vision and community outcomes

Our vision

Our vision is the desired future state of our city.

We have an outstanding natural environment, leisure, and recreational opportunities, and we are a great place for families to live, work, and play.

Community outcomes

These are the outcomes we want for our community, in working towards our vision. These outcomes (formerly strategic priority areas) guide our activities, projects, and service levels. 

Community outcome: Environment


We’re immersed in
natural beauty. We care
for and protect our river,
our stunning parks, and
our natural environment.

Community outcome: Social and cultural

Social and cultural

We celebrate our
whānau, heritage, and
culture. We’re a caring,
safe, and healthy

Community outcome: Economy


We’re a city of
opportunity. We attract
new investment and
offer opportunities for
people and businesses
to prosper. Our city
centre is alive, attractive,
and vibrant.

Community outcome: Infrastructure


We have reliable and
efficient networks and
infrastructure that
support our city.