Trade waste fees and charges

Note: Charged by Hutt City Council

Administration of trade waste consents

The management of the Trade Waste Consents is undertaken by the Hutt City Council who, as the Wastewater Authority, administers the Hutt Valley Trade Waste Bylaw 2006 on behalf of both councils. As such, consultation on the trade waste fees and charges is run by the Hutt City Council. Please approach Hutt City Council if you would like to discuss these fees and charges.

Trade waste consent charges are payable by all businesses with consents to discharge trade wastes into the Hutt Valley wastewater system. The scale of consent charges has been set to provide for the recovery of trade waste administration, monitoring, and inspection costs. Some dischargers may generate sufficient wastes to also merit paying trade waste user charges.

The trade waste user charges may vary annually due to variations in plant operational costs indices such as gas prices or electricity.

Note: Feedback on and queries regarding the amount of Trade Waste charges should be directed to Hutt City Council at:

Hutt City Council
30 Laings Road
Lower Hutt

Phone: (04) 570 6666