Parks and reserves fees and charges

The fees and charges below apply to Parks and Reserves.

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All fees are stated as GST inclusive and are effective from 1 July 2024. Council reserves the right to review any fees and charges at any time. Please check with us for any updates.

Where the actual fees incurred by Council are higher than the fees shown, actual costs will be charged.

If a fee or charge for a Council service is not specifically listed below the charge or fee will be the total of the actual cost of materials, officer time incurred to provide the service, and GST.

Winter period: 1 April to 31 August

Summer period: October (Labour Weekend) to March 31

 (Subject to grounds maintenance requirements, a transition period between seasons may impact availability during seasonal changeover).
Fees and charges for artificial turfs at Maidstone Park
Charges relating to the use of the artificial turfs at Maidstone Park will be set by the respective Trusts.
Maidstone Park Sportsfield Lights (excluding artificial turfs)
Training Lights per season (per training night each week) $550.00
Tennis Courts per hour $25.00
No 1 & No 2 Field lights -by individual quotation
Cancellation Policy
  • Should Council close any facility because of inclement conditions, the hirer shall be entitled to a full refund for casual use only.
  • Should the hirer cancel or postpone when ground conditions are acceptable with less than 24 hours’ notice, they shall forfeit 50% of their fee. Where they give three days’ notice, they shall forfeit 20% of their fees and where more than one week notice is given they shall be entitled to a full refund.


Winter Codes
Winter codes - seasonal Fees as at 1 July 2024
Maidstone Park sand field  
Rugby Union $9,120.00
Other users by quotation
Other fields  
Rugby Union $1,830.00
Rugby League  $1,830.00
Soccer  $1,830.00
Junior grounds (under 16) (25% of the senior fee)  $457.50
Winter codes casual - charge per game*  
Senior $114.00
Under 16 $31.80
Training areas by quotation
Tournament by quotation
 Maidstone Park sand fields (community organisations) by quotation 
 Maidstone Park sand fields (commercial operations) by quotation 
 Other sports fields By quotation
*Sundays and Public Holidays

If preparation of any sports field is required outside normal working hours, an additional charge of 20% on top of the normal charge will apply.
Summer codes
Cricket - seasonal   Fees as at 1 July 2024
Barton Oval $7,558.20
Senior  $7,000.00
Club  $4,284.00
Junior strips (under 16)   $252.00
Artificial $1,112.65
Cricket - casual*  
Barton Oval senior (with approval of asset manager)  $210.60
Barton Oval junior (With approval of asset manager)  by quotation
Senior/Club  $146.40
Junior strips (under 16)  $36.60
Junior rep game on senior strip (if preparation required)  $61.80
Artificial senior  $73.45
Artificial junior  $20.80
Tournament  by quotation
 *Sundays and Public holidays  
Grass, per game $160.00
Artificial, per game  $79.50
Softball - seasonal
Club skin diamond  $1524.00
Senior grass  $985.20
Junior grass  $246.00
Softball – casual *  
Club skin diamond  $169.50
Senior grass  $105.80
Junior grass  $27.50
*Sundays and Public Holidays

If preparation of any sports field is required outside normal working hours, an additional charge of 20% on top of the normal charge will apply.
Seasonal - fields are not marked Fees as at 1 July 2024
Senior $509.00
Junior  $127.20
Field marking  by quotation
Casual – fields are not marked
Senior $43.50
Junior $18.40
Field marking by quotation
Tournament per day per pitch (marked) $318.24
Athletics, harriers, orienteering etc. 
Athletics track per season $3,316.80
Casual use by clubs and schools - per day no charge
Showers and Changing rooms   
Seasonal fee $996.40
Casual use of showers and changing room hire per facility and per day $84.00
Community Leagues  by quotation
Tournaments  by quotation
Casual games; except cricket strips no charge
Tournaments  by quotation
Casual bookings  
Marching day $85.00
Circus, fair, per day on site $180.00
Concerts by quotation
Other events by quotation
Commercial use of a park * 3% of gross revenue (ticket sales)
* Where Council provides the facility only and would make available any toilets situated in the park, some litter bins, and access to power (if applicable). Any other services provided will be charged at cost. 
Encroachment licence $966.50
Organised booked picnics (exclusive areas of the parks)
Up to 50 persons $27.00
50 persons plus $100.00
No charge for casual picnickers