Land transport fees and charges

The fees and charges below apply to land transport.

All fees are stated as GST inclusive and are effective from 1 July 2024. Council reserves the right to review any fees and charges at any time. Please check with us for any updates.

Where the actual fees incurred by council are higher than the fees shown, actual costs will be charged.

If a fee or charge for a Council service is not specifically listed below the charge or fee will be the total of the actual cost of materials, officer time incurred to provide the service, and GST.

Street works - Corridor Access Request (CAR) fees

Corridor access request fees cover the costs of administering the CAR process and undertaking the verification inspections of the work.

They have been set to a lump sum for each of the work categories contained within the “National Code of Practice for Utilities’ Access to Transport Corridors” and have been set at a level that reflect the expected work load applicable to each work category.

All CAR’s will attract a fee.

The definitions of each work category are as per the National Code.

 Non-excavation $60.00
Minor Works $150.00
Major Works $270.00
Project Works $1,250.00
Where the inspector is advised that the work is ready for the completion inspection but the reinstatement has not been completed, a further fee will be charged for each additional inspection.  
Re-inspection fee per visit $180.00
Council is prepared to carry out compaction testing using a soils impact tester on request, the fee will be per visit to site as follows:
Up to 10 tests $125.00
10 to 20 tests $200.00
over 20 tests By agreement
Corridor access request (CAR) for subdivision developments
Treated as a major work $270.00

Additional unforeseen inspections would incur an additional charge, per inspection

To be charged for each re-inspection required where a works completion notice is lodged and when inspected, the works are not complete to Council's requirements and further inspection is required.


Non-conformance fee                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           per event                  $270.00

To be charged when the work is carried out in a way that fails to comply with the Work Access Permit conditions, and a non-conformance notice is issued as a result. This charge is an addition to the normal CAR fees.

Unauthorised excavation fee
To be charged where an excavation is commenced without proper notification or a Work Access Permit is being issued.
This charge is an addition to the normal CAR fees.
Unauthorised excavation fee per excavation $270.00
Registration of delegated authority
To cover the administration costs of registering the delegation of a Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) for Traffic Management Plan (TMP) approvals.
Registration fee per STMS $135.00
Registration fee for an application for two or more STMS made at the same time first STMS $135.00

each subsequent STMS $100.00
Registration fee to transfer a current STMS holder’s delegation from one company to another per STMS $65.00
Renewal of delegation per STMS $80.00
Renewal of delegation for an application for two or more STMS made at the same time first STMS $80.00

each subsequent STMS $65.00
Note: Delegations are specific to the individual STMS certificate holder and to the company they are employed by at the time of the application.    

Contractors who have been excluded from having the right to work within the city as described in clause 4.6.2 of schedule c, attachment 1 –‘Local Conditions – Hutt City and Upper Hutt City’, shall be required to pay a bond to Council prior to the CAR being issued.

The bond shall be an amount as calculated by Council as the possible reinstatement of any work which may be left uncompleted by the contractor or may not be completed to standard by the contractor. The bond shall take into account the previous track record of the contractor concerned. 

Chip sealing fees

A fee to cover the resurfacing of the seals less than four years of age in place of the existing requirement under clause 5.6.4 of the National Code of Practice for Utilities Access to Transport Corridors – Hutt Valley Local Conditions.

per square metre
Overweight permit fees
To cover vetting, issuing and, where appropriate, the bridge supervision for an overweight load that starts and finishes its journey in Upper Hutt City or for a load traversing that for some reason has not had a permit issued by Transit NZ
No bridges involved - single permit $125.00
Fee where structural checking required - single permit  $270.00
Additional fee where bridge supervision required $325.00
Continuous permit $250.00
Re-issue of identical single permit $95.00
Re-issue of identical continuous permit $95.00
Note: The above fees for overweight permits are minimum fees. Actual costs will be charged where the time to process or supervise exceeds the allowed time.
Encroachment licence fee
To assess, process, and issue an encroachment licence for work carried out within the legal road including:
  • The construction of a structure (e.g. garage, carport or retaining wall),
  • Erecting a fence outside the property boundary,
  • The allocation of an outdoor dining area on a footpath or parking area,
  • The erection of permanent or long-term signs and advertising hoardings.

Note:An encroachment is not required for a driveway or standard vehicle crossing. The fee is based on evaluation and processing time, and the associated overheads.No annual fee is currently charged for encroachments.



Micro-mobility Device Operators
To assess, process, and issue an encroachment licence for work carried out within the legal road including:
  • Fee for commercial operators providing micro-mobility devices (e-scooters, e-bikes, etc.) for hire within the road corridor 
 Application fee - To assess, process, and issue an application by a new operator to provide micro-mobility devices for hire $320.00 
 Annual operating fee - To assess existing and on-going compliance with requirements and issue and renewal.  $160.00