Alcohol licensing fees and charges

The fees and charges below apply to alcohol licences and permits.

All fees are stated as GST inclusive and are effective from 1 July 2023. Council reserves the right to review any fees and charges at any time. Please check with us for any updates.

Where the actual fees incurred by Council are higher than the fees shown, actual costs will be charged.

If a fee or charge for a Council service is not specifically listed below the charge or fee will be the total of the actual cost of materials, officer time incurred to provide the service, and GST.

Default fees as set under regulation by the Ministry of Justice

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Fees) Regulations 2013, mandate the fees payable for alcohol licensing. The Regulations outline a cost/risk rating system to be utilised to determine the appropriate licensing fees. the appropriates cost/risk rating of a premises is the sum of the highest applicable weighting in tables 1, 2, and 3.

Table 1: Type of premises

Licence held or sought Type of premises Weighting
 On-licence  Class 1 restaurant, night club, tavern, adult premises 15 
 On-licence  Class 2 restaurant, hotel function centre  10
 On-licence  Class 3 restaurant, other premises not otherwise specified  5
 On-licence  BYO restaurants, theatres, cinemas, winery cellar doors  2
 Off-licence  Supermarket, grocery store, bottle store  15
 Off-licence  Hotel, tavern  10
 Off-licence  Class 1, 2, or 3 club, remote sale premises, premises not otherwise specified  5
 Off-licence  Winery cellar doors  2
 Club licence  Class 1 club  10
 Club licence  Class 2 club  5
 Club licence  Class 3 club  2


Table 2: Latest licensed hours

Type of premises Latest trading time allowed by licence (during 24 hour period from 6am to 6am) Weighting
Premises for which an on-licence or club licence is held or sought 

2 am or earlier

between 2:01 am and 3 am

any time after 3 am




 Premises for which an off-licence is held or sought (other than remote sales premises)

10 pm or earlier

any time after 10 pm



 Remote sales premises Not applicable  0


Table 3: Number of enforcements in last 18 months

Number of enforcement holdings in the last 18 months (applies to all types of premises) Weighting
 None  0
 1  10
 2 or more  20


Class 1 restaurants – restaurants with a significant separate bar area which, in the opinion of the relevant Territorial Authority (TA), operate that bar at least one night a week in the nature of a tavern, such as serving alcohol without meals to tables situated in the bar area. Class 1 clubs – clubs which, in the opinion of the TA, are large clubs (with 1,000 or more members of purchase age) and which, in the opinion of the relevant TA, operate in the nature of a tavern (for example a large working men's club, combined clubs, or large 'cossie' clubs).
Class 2 restaurants – restaurants that have a separate bar (which may include a small bar area) but which, in the opinion of the relevant TA, do not operate that area in the nature of tavern at any time.

Class 2 clubs – clubs which do not fit class 1 or class 3 definitions (for example larger sports clubs, medium sized RSAs, many provincial social clubs).

Class 3 restaurants – restaurants that only serve alcohol to the table and do not have a separate bar area. Class 3 clubs - clubs which, in the opinion of the TA, are small clubs (with fewer than 250 members of purchase age) and which operate a bar for 40 hours or less per week (for example small sports clubs like bowling clubs, golf clubs, bridge clubs, and small RSAs).
Fee category, rating, and corresponding costs
Fee category and cost/risk rating score Application fee Annual fee
Very low (0-2) $368.00 $161.00
Low (3-5) $609.50 $391.00
Medium (6-15) $816.50 $632.50
High (16-25) $1,023.50 $1,035.00
Very high (26 plus) $1,207.50 $1,437.50
Other license applications
Manager's certificate - new or renewal application  $316.25
Temporary authority or temporary licence  $296.70
Extract of register for district licensing committee (DLC)  $57.50
Special license applications
Class Size/number of event(s) Fee
Class 1 Large size events (400+ attendees), or
more than 3 medium events (100 - 400 attendees), or
more than 12 small events (less than 100 attendees)
Class 2 1 - 3 medium size events (100 - 400 attendees), or
3 - 12 small events (less than 100 attendees)
Class 3 1-2 small events (less than 100 attendees) $63.25
Other applicable fees
Proposed Use Approval: Resource Management Act 1991 and Building Code $190.00