Watch Council meetings

Livestreaming of meetings

You can watch Council and committee meetings live or you can view previous meetings on the Upper Hutt City Council YouTube channel.

Upcoming meetings

You can view our Council meetings page to access our meeting schedules, agendas and minutes and find out how you can attend a meeting to have your say.

Previous meetings 

You can view previous meetings here on the Upper Hutt City Council YouTube channel.

Reading the agenda while viewing the livestream

Meeting agendas and reports are available on our Council meetings page.

If you right-click on this link your browser should give you the option of opening the link as a new window.

You can then:

  • Open an agenda in a different window.
  • Resize your browser windows so that you can place the window with the livestream side by side to the window displaying the meeting agenda.

    You then have the livestream and the agenda on your screen together.

    Having issues?

  • Video not working?

     If you’re using Internet Explorer, try switching to Google Chrome. Other tips further down this page.

    Please note: during the live meeting, the screen will appear blank or with a Council logo during breaks or public excluded items. Live stream will appear again when the meeting continues.

    Try some of the following solutions:

  • Refresh the page (press Ctrl+F5)
  • If you aren't already, try using the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Try watching it directly from Upper Hutt City Council YouTube page.